Our Team

Werni Dirren

Founder and host. Werni lives and loves biking. Trail surfing and enjoying nature in its full spectrum, thats his elixir of life. He is a philosopher on two wheels. But he also masters the art of being a great host, making our guests feel at home. The ambience at our Bike villa is legendary and for many a highlight of the tour. In winter, Werni runs the mountain restaurant 'Alpetta' in the ski resort of Scuol.

George Hein

Co-Founder and trailhunter of Supertrailrides. George's fine nose will always find  the perfect trail and is also responsible for our vast range of supertrails. He is still just having so much fun riding,  which is very addictive. George, being a globetrotter, will have you enjoying some of his many travel memoires. He also runs the Bikeshop Scuol.

Jürg Buschor

As a maker and author of supertrail-maps as well as various magazines and the book "Singletrails in the Swiss Alps", he knows the trail highlights just like the back of his hand. His tendency for speed is found in riding his bike or at his desk. Thanks to his knowledge as a sommelier, Jürg has not only a good eye for the right trail but also for the culinary side.




Xaver Frieser

Xaver's riding style is smooth. He runs technique courses for bike guides, as well as various skill camps. His solid know-how and selected methods will guarantee you  learn many tricks and tips. If he is not biking, you will most likely find him in his Kayak, floating down some extreme white water somewhere on this planet.